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Travelling in Egypt is somewhat challenging these days, but you can easily transport yourself into the far past of this amazingly spiritual place. If you can’t obtain the actual stones, tune into the pictures shown here which capture the essence of the stones or use the Aswan Granite card from The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle cards.

Aswan Granite and Nubian Temple Stones

Nubian Temple Quartz

Nubian Temple Quartz

Given that I have two books out late this year, one The Alchemy of Night  a time slip novel that slides into ancient Egypt, and the other a non-fiction on ancient Egyptian sex magic, I’m hoping to renew my supply of both Nubian Temple Quartz and Aswan Granite when I physically return to Egypt. But, meantime, I’ll be making many other trips while whilst writing the next novel in the series.

Aswan Granite

Aswan Granite c. Michael Illas The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Did you not know O Asclepius that Egypt is an image of Heaven, or, to speak more exactly, that in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in Heaven have been transferred to the Earth below?  Nay, it should rather be said that the whole cosmos dwells in this our land as in its sanctuary. 

                                                Hermes Trismegistus

Instant transport to Egypt

The Great Pyramid is designed to be operated by nothing more than a vibrational and electromagnetic field created by a human being.

As befits the throat chakra of the world, the Great Pyramid is rich in ancient sound technology. My essential desert island disc, I wouldn’t be without: Initiation  by Steven Halpern. Recorded within the Great Pyramid itself the chanting takes you straight into the heart of ancient Egypt. I’ve had a copy since it first came out and have used it in numerous workshops.

The Pyramid Journey

This journey, also taken from Crystals and Sacred Sites takes you into the heart of the Great Pyramid to lie in the sarcophagus of initiation. From there you will journey to the stars and beyond. Expanding your awareness, it helps you to know the fullness of your own soul and the multi-dimensions beyond our limited, three-dimensional reality.


Switch off your phone. Ensure that you will not be disturbed for half an hour. Sit with a straight back or lie flat, preferably wrapped in a blanket. Appropriate music can be played to assist your journey.  Set a timer so that you will be called to return in thirty minutes

The Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase

The sarcophagus (note the Orbs!)

The sarcophagus (note the Orbs!)

The journey of initiation

Hold your stone between your hands or focus on the picture of the Nubian Temple Stone until you can see it in your mind’s eye. Close your eyes and breathe gently, focusing your attention on your breath. With each out breath let out any tension you may be feeling. With each in breath draw in peace and quietude. When you are ready, focus your attention on your third eye – just above and between your eyebrows.

Picture yourself standing in the sand on the banks of the Nile in front of the Great Pyramid. In front of you is an avenue, a gleaming limestone pavement that leads you straight to the entrance to the Pyramid. As you walk up the pathway you can see the guardian of the Pyramid waiting to greet you. He leads you through the enormous doorway and points along the gallery lit by flickering torches. The way is narrow, twisting and turning until at last you come to the staircase rising up before you. As you mount these steps you can hear sound resonating all around you, the acoustic chamber has been activated.

In front of you, you see the huge granite sarcophagus. The guardian leads you to it and helps you to settle yourself within it. He taps the sarcophagus with his staff. As he leaves the chamber he extinguishes the lights.

A beam of starlight falls from a shaft above you. The sarcophagus vibrates, shaking loose your etheric body. You feel your etheric body being drawn up and out of the shaft. Transport awaits you…

…  … …

When it is time to return, the guardian lights the torches once more. He touches you with his staff to reunite your physical and etheric bodies, and helps you out of the sarcophagus. He leads the way out of the pyramid.

As you step out of the pyramid, wrap a cloak of protection around yourself and greet the rising sun. You are reborn. When the meditation is over, stand up and stamp your feet. Feel your feet connecting with the earth once again. Picture a bubble of protection all around you.

Wisdom Healing Oracle

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