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The third in our series of journeys to ancient civilisations.

Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone takes you back to your Celtic roots. This journey is taken from Crystals and Sacred Sites.

The Bluestone journey

If you want to experience the power of the sacred and reconnect to Mother Earth, you can link to these ancient sites (Stonehenge and the Preseli Mountains) and to the power of personal and earth healing that they hold with a simple journeying meditation holding a Bluestone. This journey will put you in touch with ancient healing power that can be used to revitalize yourself and stimulate your creativity and your enthusiasm. This healing energy can also be returned to the Earth as an act of service to planet in its time of need. Preparation

Ensure that you will not be disturbed. Switch off the phone and wrap yourself in a blanket. Lying down makes it easier to place the crystal but comfort is more important than position. A drumming CD can help you move into an altered state of consciousness that facilitates this journey. Orientate yourself north-south or east-west depending on the magnetic alignment of your Bluestone, whichever feels most comfortable.

You may also meet a dragon or two on the way.You may also meet a dragon or two on the way.

The Journey

Settle yourself comfortably and close your eyes. Hold your Bluestone in your hands for a few moments while taking deep, slow breaths. As you breathe out let go any tension you may be feeling. As you breathe in feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper into your connection to the stone and with the ancient sacred earth beneath you.

          When you feel ready, place the Bluestone on the soma chakra at your hairline, just above your third eye. Without opening your eyes, look up to your third eye as this helps images to form.

          Feel the stone lifting you up and transporting you to the Preseli Mountains as they rise up from the bedrock of their Welsh home. The Bluestone knows the way home and its powerful electromagnetic properties quickly teleport you to the rocky outcrop at the top of the mountain. If you are visual, you may well see the mountain coming into view with the sea sparkling beyond it. If you are kinaesthetic, feeling-orientated, you will have a sense of movement and the rushing of air.

You land in front of the basin of the sacred spring. Dip your hands into the healing water and drink. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself dipping your Bluestone in the water and replacing it on your third eye.

Now find a place to sit amongst the rocks. Be aware of the currents and vibrations that surround you as you sit in this sacred, liminal place that sits at the joining of two worlds: the known and the unknown. It is pre-dawn, the sun has not yet risen in the east but the sky is lightening.

As you look out over the land you can see the earth’s grid and the connections to all its sacred sites rolling and spiralling out before you. If any of the lines look ragged or broken, see them magically heal themselves so that the earth’s currents can flow freely once again.


When you feel ready, follow the energetic path that leads south-east to Stonehenge. Let the stone lift you up and transport you as before. As you fly over the land you will see the River Seven shining below you, pass over it and on eastwards towards the circle on the flat plain that is Stonehenge. When you land the site is complete, mysterious, sacred. Walk the ritual way, follow the cursus, until you reach the entrance to the temple and ask permission to enter.

Walk into the centre of the shadowy Temple and place your stone with its healing water on the altar stone.

As you make your way to stand in the centre of the Bluestone Horseshoe facing the Heel Stone, all around you music strikes up. The rocks ring out. Voices sound. The people have gathered with you to greet the midsummer dawn.

Suddenly a beam focuses and flashes down the centre of the temple striking you in the heart and radiating through your whole body. A roar goes up. The light of the sun has arrived. You are fertilised, made new, healed, reborn.


When you are ready to leave, the stone will bring you back to your body where it lies waiting for you. The silver cord attached to your soma chakra will reel you back. Settle yourself comfortably in your body. Breathe deeply, stretch your fingers and toes and then get up slowly. Picture a bubble of protection around yourself. Feel the connection your feet make to the earth. Notice how much more in tune with the earth you feel as you walk lightly upon it. How your consciousness has expanded and how your senses are more finely attuned to the beauty that is all around you.

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