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The second in our series of crystals to assist you to connect to ancient civilisations.


The Time Portal: Madagascan Etched Quartz

The Time Portal: Madagascan Etched Quartz

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis

Athanasius Kircher‘s map of Atlantis, placing it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From Mundus Subterraneus 1669, published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with south at the top.

So what do we actually know about Atlantis and its demise? The answer is not much. Plato’s story comes to us from two short pieces, Tinnaeus and Critias, believed to have been written in the decade or so before his death in 348 BC. In these, he presents an apparently true account of an ideal society that existed many millennia before the Classical Greek times in which he was writing.

According to Plato, Atlantis was a great island (larger than Libya and Asia combined) in the Atlantic Ocean, but its control extended beyond the ‘Pillars of Heracles’ into the Mediterranean as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia (Italy). Its powerful and remarkable dynasty of kings arose directly from Poseidon, god of sea and of earthquakes, though this divine and heroic lineage gradually became diluted by mixing with mortal stock.

The resulting degeneration of this noble civilisation led it into a war with its former ally, Athens, and culminated in its cataclysmic destruction, which Plato dates as 9,000 years previously. Of the destruction itself, Plato simply notes, ‘Some time later there were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence, and in a single dreadful day and night all your life [ie, Athenian] fighting men were swallowed up by the earth, and the island of Atlantis was similarly swallowed up by the sea and vanished’. has an excellent summary of all the theories and writers on Atlantis.

Plato described Atlantis as alternating rings of sea and land.

Plato described Atlantis as alternating rings of sea and land.

Artists’ impressions of Atlantis

Atlantasite: the Atlantean connector

A mixture of Stichtite and Serpentine Atlantasite provides an instant connection to the wisdom of Atlantis and the part you may have played in that civilisation.



The Atlantean journey

In my past life workshops we use Atlantasite to take us back into the wisdom and warnings of that civilisation. Some people go back to when Atlantis was underwater, before it rose into prominence. A time when it was possible for humans to breathe under water. Others to when Atlantis was above the waves as a thriving civilisation. But many people go to the ‘end times’ when the civilisation and the land itself were cracking up. In her book ‘A Case for Reincarnation’,  my mentor Christine Hartley describes setting out in a small boat and eventually landing in Egypt. Just one of many expeditions to spread the knowledge before it was lost. This was the book that explained to me my own spontaneous past life seeings so I treasure my copy.

This journey is facilitated by playing ‘Atlantis Rising’ by Michael Diamond with guest Steven Halpern.

The Atlantis journey

Hold your crystals in your hand or to your third eye.

Allow the crystal to transport you back to the time of Atlantis.

Ask that you will be shown your own part in Atlantis and how to reframe that if appropriate, or that you will connect to the wisdom that is there for you that will help you to navigate your present life with more insight.


When you are ready to return, ask the crystal to bring you back to your body.

Settle yourself comfortable. Feel your feet on the floor. Breathe deeply and stamp your feet to reconnect to the Earth and to the present moment.

Other Atlantean connection crystal: Andarra Glass

withAndara Glass


Andara Glass

Andara Glass is believed to be a remnant of the Atlantean civilisation. A claim that is hotly disputed but some people find that it is a powerful connector.

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Atlantean Lovestars

Atlantean Lovestars

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