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Tangerine Dreams are particularly potent Lemurian Seed crystals. They promote journeying and exploring multi-dimensions, creating a vibrational shift in the process. For this grid, remember to place a large Smoky Quartz or Flint at your feet and create your grounding cord before laying the grid. Place one crystal pointing straight down above your head and then place pairs at your earlobes, throat, heart and solar plexus.

Tangerine Dreams

c. Judy Hall

Lemurian Seeds open a stargate, an energy portal to stellar experiences, anchoring ancient wisdom into the present. Attuning to spiritual training and initiations, Lemurians reawaken inherent skills and healing abilities. Lemurians combine well with Hanksite or Halite which cleanses and purifies any negative energies from Lemuria (sometimes a cathartic process) and transforms them into positive memories. It is useful with Smoky Elestials to anchor high vibration energy by activating a cosmic anchor for the lightbody. Tangerine Dream Lemurians open a portal to accelerated energy patterns and expanded soul healing.