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Celtic Tree patternHere are a selection of ancestral healing grids that we’ve created on various workshops and for the photoshoot for my crystal grids book. They mostly use the same crystals – especially Ancestralite and Lakelandite – but are laid on a variety of backgrounds and some of the anchor stones have been changed. This is because the grids were created for different situations, some with specific families in mind, rather than being generic. I also wanted to experiment with the difference that the backgrounds themselves could make – to which end I actually repainted one background Celtic Tree pattern several times. Here’re some of the results.

The view out of the workshop window.

The view out of the workshop window.

Gillian unpacking the goodies in Belfast prior to the ancestral healing workshop. I’d taken Celtic Golden Healer and the White Chevron Quartz with me, plus plenty of Flints to act as anchor stones. But the universe had a surprise for us in that Paul brought the new Ancestralite stone to the workshop and that changed everything. So new it hadn’t even been named, as soon as he said, ‘it heals right back through the ancestral line’ Gillian said, ‘Ancestralite then.’ And the name stuck. What we realised later was that not only did it send healing back down the line and out into the future, it also brought all the soul learning forward for the benefit of the present and future generations but without any trauma attached. Perfect.


ancestral tree insideGillian checking the alignment of the ancestral tree inside the workroom. It is aligned with the head towards the Peace Gate (closed at the time because it was a Sunday!).

Gillian’s mum had the brilliant idea of lying under the grid. The ancestral foot (a huge piece of Hematite in the shape of a foot) is between her feet although you can’t see it that well unfortunately. That was for personal healing of a family history of foot problems, but the general grid was for all the trauma that the family had been through living through during ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

under the grid

We used that basic Ancestralite, Celtic Quartz and various forgiveness stones on several other workshops. On different colour cloths as the green one stayed in Ireland.

white tree

Similar layout at the College of Psychic Studies on a white tree, but this time Fred, my Lakelandite skull was in charge of proceedings.

But when it was time to select an ancestral healing grid for my grids book, I needed something much smaller and more ‘aesthetically pleasing’ according to the brief. I knew I wanted to centre it around the Celtic Tree layout (a version of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life) as the Tree of Life cloth was just too big. So I went on line, bought several versions of the Tree and experimented:

I rather liked this one, especially when it lit up like a Christmas tree under the lights, but it was deemed ‘too fussy and distracting’, even when I painted over it in cream. It worked for me though so I dedicated it to my own ancestral healing. Grids are such a personal thing.

Ancestral healing grid c. Michael Illas/Fairwinds Press

Ancestral healing grid c. Michael Illas/Fairwinds Press

I was assisted on this one by a member of my crystal group but I quickly realised it was sending healing down her family line rather than being a generic grid for ‘the ancestors’ which was what the book required. It also shows the difference between having the underlying grid visible – which I personally prefer – and simply laying a pattern. The large Brandenbergs on the outer edges were acting as anchor stones and re-inputting the perfect pattern. The Petrified Wood in the centre anchored the grid and the Herkimer Diamond nestled on top brought in light. The Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper) and Ancestralite ring took healing back into the past and out into the future.

So eventually we settled for this one, on a carved board, photographed in the studio by Michael Illas with pretty much the same crystals, a few Smoky Quartz ‘roots’ to draw off toxicity and a ring of Herkimers to bring in light. You’ll be able to follow it in detail when the book is out.

And here are a couple of karmic healing grids, with similar crystals, laid out in different ways. The one to my left is my reference shot, on the dining room table at night so not well lit and a bit out of focus, but you’ll get the idea. It was on an infinite hexagram base, and the other was laid into a Sri Yantra. The righthand version was shot in the studio by Michael Illas for the book. Variscite is in the centre in case you don’t recognise it, surrounded by Turquoise, Brandenbergs, Smoky Quartz and Herkimers.


Out soon: Crystal Grids: the ultimate guide to enhancing your life with crystals (Fairwinds Press USA)