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Abundance does not just involve money. Abundance is about feeling satisfied and secure with what you have, living an enriching and fulfilling life, sharing life’s bounty, showing gratitude and trusting that the universe provides appropriately for all your needs. It’s about having good friends and joy in living. A simple spiral draws this towards you – and clears out any impediments standing in the way.

Herkimer Diamond

A Herkimer Diamond and Citrine spiral set on a Petrified Wood baseplate leads out from a Goldstone keystone to clear past life vows of poverty. Image c. Michael Illas.

The grid above is my favourite abundance grid. It’s anchored on a baseplate of Petrified Wood and is accompanied by an affirmation to release from any vows or contracts regarding poverty that you may have made in this or any other life – or any feelings that you don’t deserve success and abundance in your life. Relaying the grid with the crystals pointing in then draws prosperity and abundance into all areas of your life.

Orgonite baseplate

Image c. Michael Illas

This other version is laid on an Orgonite baseplate and incorporates faceted natural Citrine in addition to the brighter coloured, heat-treated points, interspersed with Goldstone.

To lay the grid:

  1. Hold your cleansed stones and state your intention of clearing any blockages to abundance from this or any other life.
  2. Lay the keystone in the centre first and work outwards in a spiral. Points out if your crystal has a pointed end.
  3. As you do so, state out loud: ‘I release myself from any vows, contracts, decisions, promises and other impediments to abundance made in this or any other life. I embrace abundance fully and open my life to successfully manifesting prosperity in all that I may be.
  4. Gaze quietly at the spiral through softly closed eyes.
  5. When it feels right, gather up the crystals. Spray the stones with crystal cleansing spray (you’ll find a recipe in the Crystal Essences section).
  6.  Relay the grid from the furthermost point in towards the centre, pointing any pointed crystals towards the centre of the spiral and say out loud: ‘I draw abundance and good fortune towards me now.’
  7. Leave the grid in place remembering to cleanse it regularly.
  8. When you do deconstruct it, remember to thank the crystals for their assistance!