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Blue Kyanite c. Michael Illas

Blue Kyanite c. Michael Illas

This complex layout was shown to me during a healing a few years ago when I needed to recover all round balance and integrate extremely high vibrational downloads that were blowing my auric field apart. The sketch is the one I made at the time. It’s a grid for crystal workers who’ve been interacting with high vibes downloads, and it really does need assistance to lay it out. Each triangle is laid and joined up with the power of the mind or a crystal wand. You may intuitively feel that slightly different placements and connections work better for you, if so go for it.

The integration and assimilation layout.

The integration and assimilation layout.

The dotted lines and ‘open’ crystal on the diagram relates to the position of the causal vortex chakra, which can be located anywhere around your head but is usually to the back and side. Either intuit its location, use your hand and a Blue Kyanite Crystal to find it (the crystal will stop or twitch as you move around your head), or dowse for it before you begin even though the connection to the causal vortex is the last one to be made. You could ask your assistant to confirm the position for you.

Dowse or intuit the crystals that you will need or have a selection available for your assistant to choose from.

  • Hold your hands over all the crystals and ask them to help you to integrate the changing vibrations and bring equilibrium to your physical and subtle bodies.
  • Lay the largest triangle first using large grounding crystals such as Flint, Smoky Quartz, Hematite or Shungite placed either side above your head and down at your feet. Join up the triangle (a blue Kyanite wand is ideal).
  • Place power stones such as Poppy Jasper in your navel and palms. Join up the triangle passing the line through your base chakra.
  • Place a crystal on your base chakra and then one either side of your ears, keeping it in line with the large triangle. Join up the triangle.
  • Place a crystal just below your navel (on the dantien, see below) then either side of your body level the dantien. Place a crystal over your higher heart chakra (Que Sera, Quantum Quattro or Prairie Tanzanite is ideal). If it feels appropriate place a crystal over the heart chakra (Green Kyanite or Orange Sphalerite is ideal). Feel the three-chambered heart chakra opening and integrating. Join up the triangle.
  • Place a crystal on your solar plexus and one either side touching the large triangle. Place a crystal such as Preseli Bluestone on your third eye and a crystal beside each ear (Preseli, Chrysotile or Dumortierite is ideal). Join up the triangle.
  • Place Selenite or Azeztulite above your head on the large chakra line. Place Blue Kyanite on the cause vortex, join up with the past life chakra (ears) and then the crystal below your feet as shown by the dotted lines.
  • Breathe deeply pulling light and energy from the top of your head down to your feet. As you breathe out, allow crystal light to flood every part of your being, especially the spaces between your cells. If you feel dizzy or nauseous keep breathing gently pushing the energy down to your feet to anchor you to the planet.
  • Lie in the grid until the energy stabilizes. Then dismantle in the reverse order, leaving the light crystal above your head, the Green Kyanite or Orange Sphalerite over your heart if you used it and the grounding triangle in place for a few more minutes to further anchor the energy. Imagine a root growing deep down into the earth holding you in incarnation and anchoring the new vibration into the planet.
  • Thank the crystals for their work. Get up slowly and have a hot drink to ground you.

Appropriate stones