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Healing the womb of Mother EarthThis simple grid was laid on a Seed of Life background to heal the womb of Mother Earth in the depths of winter. To create a space for healing energy to be gathered and released at the spring equinox. It’s the reverse of the Creativity and Fertility Grid from page 137 of Crystal Grids – and was one of the grids we experimented with for that book for earth healing. As we were restricted on space and as it was similar to the other, it didn’t make it in. But it is an extremely effective grid to lay for a week or two prior to the spring equinox on 20th March. It uses Menalite in the centre of the grid. We deliberately used a Menalite with a ‘broken’ top so that it would be receptive and gather up the healing energy from the Carnelian and Smoky Quartzes around it to fertilise the earth at the equinox. The Chalcedony Tears on the outer rim are cleansing and assist with the ‘blossoming of the seed’. (See Chalcedony Tears info on the website).

At the equinox, turn the central stone up the other way to allow the healing to flow into Gaia’s womb and the planet’s energy grid. Visualise the energy flowing along the grid to wherever it is required.