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Rubber Ducks and Dolphin Grids

’10 Little Rubber Ducks’ by Eric Carle. Great story to teach kids numbers.
I was asked to create a grid that assisted the dolphins. Which I did in an ad hoc way when unpacking my treasures from St Marie.

The ad hoc dolphin healing grid

The ad hoc dolphin healing grid

The ad hoc dolphin healing grid: Black Amber to create a filtration and protection system, Eye of the Storm to stabilise the oceans, raw Mangano Calcite to bring in cleansing and heart-love, and some Quartz I’d bought to use in the unicorns workshop because they reminded me of unicorn horns. Strong healing powers and the virtue of being an antidote to poison were traditionally attributed to the unicorn horns so this seemed fitting.

A day or so later, I was urged to extend that grid to heal the trouble all our oceans are in. We hear a great deal these days about the harm plastics are doing and the UK has gone overboard on banning their use rather than tackling the idea that people might deal with them more responsibly. How about reusing them as a fuel for electricity generating stations  They are formed from oil after all. Yes the scrubber technology already exists! Or, to create tougher road surfaces? Recycle into colourful worktop surfaces? It’s been done. It’s just not being done. So many possibilities if only governments would open their mind and look beyond the lobbyists. So, that concept was incorporated into the grid.

When I saw a plastic base in a charity shop it really called to me. I love that grids can be created on anything -and anywhere. So I scooped it up.


The Plastics grid

The Plastics grid

The plastics grid: Eye of the Storm surrounded by shamanic Amethysts from Romania and some tiny but poky Ametrine points. Raw Mangano Calcite and Hematite Roses from St Marie. Lapis Lace to create a ‘wave’ around the central grid, anchored with more Hematite Roses. The outliers were a piece of Milky Way Flint, Flints from the local seashore and two very special ingredients: the grid guardians. Puff my dragon who loves water and a new water-element unicorn who hasn’t yet given her name but who was so anxious to work she leapt into the grid from her (plastic!) packaging.

I’d like to have laid the grid on a blue background as the colour seemed fitting, to my rational mind at least. But no. All I could find was green. A symbol perhaps for the polluted water and the depths of our oceans. I’ll be taking pieces of Lapis Lace and a Sea Flint to put in the Med while I’m swimming to connect to the grid. On remoter beaches there it’s a not uncommon sight to see boats taking plastic rubbish bags out to sea in the evening, only to find the contents washed up on the beach the next day. Something that no doubt occurs across the world.

The intention of my grid is to encourage the plastic-eating bacteria that are showing up in different parts of the world to start clearing the waters. It reminds me of the oil-gobbler bacteria that appeared after an oil spill in the American Gulf. (I’ve written elsewhere about how Trigonic Quartz and Herkimer Diamonds assisted from afar.)

Not everything is detrimental

But, how to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ plastics? One of the thoughts that came into my mind as I was creating the grid was that not all plastics are unbeneficial. I have plastic lenses in my eyes following cataract surgery. I would be blind without them. There are many miles of communication cables in the ocean – and on land – that have a plastic coating. I’m sure you can think of other beneficial uses. We’d be in trouble if all beneficial plastics were gobbled up. So, I had to build into the grid the ability to differentiate – a task I’m leaving to the guardians of the grid and the innate intelligence of the crystals and bacteria themselves. They communicate in a way we may not yet understand, but it has been activated by intention and a clear request while making the grid.


Ducking around the world


It’s not only plastic bags that are a menace, walk along any remote untouristy Dorset beach and you’ll find plastic bottles, nappies, oil and water containers tossed from ships, bits of plastic ribbon, rubber gloves and much else besides decorating the tideline. It’s the same all around the world. Just occasionally though this rubbish is useful. Most of the time it is not.

‘When a container of bath toys, including yellow rubber ducks, fell into the Pacific Ocean in January 1992, it allowed scientists such as Curtis Ebbesmeyer to gain insight into the hidden world of ocean currents. Over the years, the ducks washed up on several different continents, revealing a worldwide network of currents, that had been invisible. The duck’s story led to a greater understanding of how all our seas are connected and seemed, to the Blue Planet II team, an inspiring story to re-tell… What all this tells us is that all the world’s oceans are really one big connected system, and that plastic persists for a very long time (some people estimate at least 500 years, and there are reports of plastic parts from WW2 battles that have been at sea for more than 70 years). The ducks also tell us that we are connected to everywhere in the Big Blue ocean, and that a piece of plastic dropped at the coast might well end up thousands of miles away in the most remote parts of our planet, to potentially wreak havoc to marine creatures – no doubt not the intention of the careless litter bug.’ John Ruthven, Producer on Big Blue, BBC tv.

This site has an excellent, concise explanation of exactly what harm plastic litter can do to marine life.


Shungite Elite c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle cards.

Shungite Elite c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle cards.

Crystal hint:

Nothing to do with the oceans, but everything to do with water. Sometimes we just cant avoid water in plastic bottles. We know it can be cancer-causing, bad for our health as well as the environment. If you have to use plastic bottles, put a few pieces of Shungite into the water. It makes all the difference. And then, please, recycle your bottle responsibly. Or, you can stand your bottle on the Shungite card from The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle.





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