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Grids are crystals laid out in precise geometric patterns, or placed as appropriate, to generate or release energy. Although flat, they produce a multi-dimensional energetic net. Grids can be used for healing or to cleanse or regenerate an area. If your crystal has a point, either face it in the direction that the grid is flowing, or point it out to draw off energy or point in to draw energy in. For cleansing your grid, see Crystal Essences.

Crystal Grid Protocol

Crystals are living beings and need to be approached with respect. Crystal Grids are immensely potent energetic matrixes that need to be carefully crafted. Remember to open the appropriate chakras before creating a grid. Crystals carry the energy of everyone who touches them and also draw off toxic energies so they require frequent cleansing. If you haven’t prepared properly before putting yourself in a grid or laying on out, or kept your energies pure, the stones will clear things out in the quickest and most catalytic way so remember to combine them with gentle healing crystals to bring in light to hold a space throughout all the cells in your body for transmutation and new DNA potential to switch on.

When working with crystals or grids especially when other people are involved please remember:

  • Learn to work at interface – where two energy fields meet. Do not space invade or vampirize anyone else’s energy field if laying a grid for anyone else.
  • Keep your attention and good will focused on the issue being worked with so that you hold a clear, positive, uncontaminated energetic space for the work. If beaming crystal energy from a grid to someone not present, beam only the energy of the crystal from an open unconditional heart, not your own energy or that of your guides or mentors.
  • Do not set up grids for other people unless you have their permission or have asked their higher self to confirm it is appropriate. If setting up grids for the world, ask your higher self to direct you.
  • Once a toxic energy, thought or emotion has been released, do not speak of it again. To do so re-anchors it and makes the work pointless.
  • Always check that the grids you are creating are harmonious and appropriate. Putting inharmonious crystals into a grid can not only throw the grid off balance but can also introduce inappropriate or contaminated energies and negate the intended effect of the grid. The same goes for negative statements made near a grid. A grid will pick up and amplify the negativity. Avoid idle chatter and remain positive.
  • Do not blow on crystals to cleanse them as your energies may not be pure.
  • Crystals, auras and chakras must be cleansed before and after use as should grids and the space around them.
  • Deconstruct grids at all levels when the work is complete or ask that only what is for the highest good will remain.

A note on alignment

I used to think it was important to have all the crystals exactly aligned in a grid. Not any more! My experiences over the past few weeks photographing a vast number of grids for a new book have taught me that sometimes the crystals will deliberately move out of alignment to create a space for something new to emerge. The ‘or something better’ that I always add to my intention. Crystals are very wise, intelligent beings and they can see a lot further than I can, so I’ve now learned that if a crystal constantly shifts its position in the grid, it’s saying loud and clear ‘this is where I need to be’ Or, if it falls on the floor, it’s saying ‘choose another crystal’ – but I knew that one already. Another lesson in listening to my crystals rather than following the rules! (See my blog on the main website on misalignment or a greater purpose.)

Grid 1: Emotional Clearing Grid

LemniscateThis grid is perfect for releasing toxic emotional energy, replacing it with light to hold a space for transmutation. Several crystal combinations work well together depending on the depths of what you wish to release. Place the release crystals on your solar plexus and down around your feet. Then place the light bringing crystals up and over your head. Join up the grid starting at the centre and going down and around your feet, up to the centre again and then up and around your head until you reach the centre again. A Smoky Quartz or Flint below your feet helps to anchor and ground the grid and transmute the energies that are released.

The Lemniscate. For emotional cleansing cross at the solar plexus or the heart.


Rose Quartz with Smoky Quartz

Rose Quartz The ultimate, gentle emotional cleanser and heart healer. Place the Smoky Quartz over your solar plexus and down below your feet. Place a Rose Quartz on your heart and complete the lemniscate by placing Rose Quartz around your head and back to the solar plexus.







Malachite with Moldavite

MoldaviteMalachiteThis grid can promote a powerful, cathartic release of deep-seated emotional toxins so have additional Smoky Quartz crystals handy to hold in your hands and place on your belly chakras if needed. The Malachite goes on the solar plexus and down around the feet. Moldavite goes over your head (you will probably only need one!).


Morganite with Azeztulite


Image c.

AzeztuliteThis combination gently brings up that which has not previously been spoken about, particularly abuse of any kind, and provides insights into why it occurred – promoting forgiveness. It takes you to the pre-birth, interlife planning meeting to ascertain how it was part of the soul’s plan for your spiritual evolution. Place Morganite on the solar plexus and Azeztulite above the head. The crystals can be combined with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite to release and transmute the energies.

Danburite with Flint


c. Judy Hall



Danburite opens and heals the heart and aids in loving oneself. It carries cosmic light and very pure vibration. This combination acts as a karmic cleanser. Changes recalcitrant attitudes, with a strong detoxifying action.








Honey Calcite or Honey Opal with Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

c. Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions.

Honey CalciteExcellent for gentle healing especially of a heart that has been tightly closed for many lifetimes, this combination softens ‘a heart turned to stone that knows not how to give or receive love.’ It brings out what could not be spoken about and heals abuse. This combination is particularly good for sensitive people who find other stones too strong.