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This activation should be carried out with the basic chakras cleansed and open. Activate the chakras in order and do not rush the process. Open one at a time and give that chakra time to integrate into your entire chakra system before moving onto the next one. Allow yourself at least a week and probably longer to open and integrate all the higher chakras. And do this before activating kundalini. Remember to open all the chakras up to the new chakra before beginning a fresh activation. You can dowse to check whether a higher chakra has already opened and come on line, and when the opening and integration process is complete. This exercise is best done lying down as it facilitates placing the crystals and helps you to remain grounded.

Higher Chakra activation stages

  • Complete the basic chakra rebalancing and recharging exercise first.
  •  Then open the higher chakras slowly and in order, first placing a large Smoky Elestial, Hematite or other grounding stone below your feet to anchor the energies and a Selenite or Anandalite over your head.
  • Place a Gaia gateway chakra crystal such as Sea Foam Flint or Green Kyanite on the Gaia gateway and feel it connect to the earth star to anchor all your energies bodies to the planet.
  • Place a higher heart chakra crystal such as Rose Quartz, Danburite or Tugtupite over the higher heart chakra and leave it in place for two to five minutes. This chakra can be left open.
  • Place a heart seed chakra crystal such as Tugtupite or Mangano Calcite over the heart seed at the base of the breastbone and feel the influx of universal love that floods into the chakra and through your whole being. This chakra can be left open.
  • When the higher heart and heart seed chakras have been opened, place crystals on all three heart chakras and feel the three-chambered heart chakra open and integrate. This chakra can be left open.
  • Place a Preseli Bluestone or other cosmic anchor/soma chakra crystal such as Flint over the soma chakra. Open the chakra when you want to go journeying and close it when you want to stay in your physical body.
  • Placing a high vibration crystal such as Selenite, AnandaliteTM (Aurora Quartz), Rainbow Mayanite or Azeztulite on the soul star connects you to your soul and highest self. Invoke your higher self to guard it well. Be aware of its connection to the earth star. Close the chakra when not using the portal for journeying or guidance.
  • Before opening the stellar gateway, invoke your guardian angel or other protective being to guard it well while you journey, meditate or seek guidance in other realms. Place Selenite, Anandalite, Phenacite, Rainbow Mayanite or other stellar gateway crystal to open the portal. Be aware of its connection to the Gaia gateway. Close the portal and the chakra when not in use.
  • Use AnandaliteTM (Aurora Quartz), Blue Moonstone or other alta major chakra crystal to activate the alta major chakra. Place in the hollow at the base of the skull. Feel the Merkeba within your skull connect up all the systems within. If you feel at all lightheaded, take your attention down to the grounding stone at your feet. Remove the crystal and try again later.
  • Dowse for the exact placement of the causal vortex, or use your hand to sense it. Place a causal vortex crystal such as Blue Kyanite above and behind your head. If you feel at all lightheaded, take your attention down to the grounding stone at your feet. Remove the crystal and try again later.
  • Remember to close each higher chakra when the activity is complete and open again before moving onto the next chakra activation.
  • Stand up and ground yourself thoroughly afterwards.