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Balance and Recharge

  1. Place Smoky Quartz between and slightly below your feet.  Picture light and energy radiating out from the crystal into the earth chakra for two or three minutes and be aware that the chakra is being cleansed and its spin regulated.
  2. Place Red Jasper on the base chakra.  Picture light and energy radiating out from the crystal into the base chakra as before.
  3. Place Orange Carnelian on your sacral chakra, just below the navel, see the light and feel the cleansing process.
  4. Place Yellow Jasper on your solar plexus.
  5. Place Green Aventurine on your heart.
  6. Place Blue Lace Agate on your throat.
  7. Place Sodalite on your brow.
  8. Place Amethyst on your crown.
  9. Now take your attention slowly from the soles of your feet up the midline of your body feeling how each chakra has become balanced and harmonized.
  10.  Remain still and relaxed, breathing deep down into your belly and counting to seven before you exhale.  As you breathe in and hold, feel the energy of the crystals re-energising the chakras and from there radiating out through your whole being.
  11.  When you feel ready, gather your crystals up, starting from the crown.  As you reach the earth chakra, be aware of a grounding cord anchoring you to the earth and into your physical body.
  12.  Cleanse your stones thoroughly