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Crystal skulls are human-skull hardstone carvings often made of clear or milky white quartz known as rock crystal. They are allegedly pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts and can be found in the permanent collections of a number of world-class museums, including the Smithsonian and the British Museum.

In occult and metaphysical circles, the skulls have magical and healing qualities:
Anna Mitchell-Hedges (owner of a particularly famous skull) claimed that the skull could cause visions and cure cancer and that its magical properties could be used to kill.Drunvalo Melchizedek claims in “Serpent of Light that” he stumbled upon descendants of the ancient Mayans who possess crystal skulls for use in religious ceremonies in Yucatan temples.Jamie Sams writes of the skulls association with Native American mythology.

In this book, best-selling occultist and crystal expert Judy Hall provides a basic primer on crystal skulls:
What they areWhere they are foundTheir role in legend and lore around the worldTheir uses for physical and psychic healing

Also included here in this stunning introductory text is an examination of the prominent skull keepers of the past 100 years and how to use and communicate with a crystal skull.

This is a terrific book for those interested in occult and ancient mysteries and/or the power of gems and crystals.”

“As a relative newcomer to the world of crystal skulls, I found this book a fascinating mix of a walk through history with really workable and easy to understand suggestions on how to start to work with them. It is an extremely good read. I thoroughly recommend it.” —Stephen Chapman, President, College of Psychic Studies, London

“Wow. That’s a slow, stopped-in-the-tracks and reverential wow, the wow of someone who really enjoyed the opening of this book, recognising quite how special the subject is. It ticked the boxes for me―informative, fun, enticing. I simply hadn’t anticipated the solidity, the depth of the crystal―not to mention colour, pattern, chaos, order . . . Please pass on my apologies to Horace, I underestimated him in my imagination!” —Richard Bryson

“This is a book on crystal skulls I would absolutely buy―which is unusual for me as I find most books out on the skulls either too strange or too dry.” —Edwin Courtney, skullkeeper, spiritual teacher, and channel

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