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This third AZ directory by the author of The Crystal Bibles explores the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and geopathic stress (GS) on health and well-being, and the dis-eases and healing crystals associated with them. Including 20 crystal portraits, the directory assists in identifying the right crystal for your needs whether it is for personal energetic support and healing for EMF and GS effects, or environmental protection against electromagnetic and geopathic stress. With practical applications, the directory also includes essential information on keeping your crystals working for you.

The US printing of this book was faulty and has been recalled. If you have a faulty copy please  scan the full cover (back included) and a faulty page and email to [email protected] with your postal address and O Books will get a correct copy mailed out to you.

One of the best tools for handling EMF and GS sensitivity is to get yourself grounded, in contact with the planet and completely earthed with your lower chakras fully functioning. So many people who suffer from excessive sensitivity have only a toehold in incarnation, barely tolerating being in a physical body and always reaching ‘out there’ for the answer. So, make contact with the Earth, make a friend of your body, become comfortable in incarnation and the detrimental effects will lessen significantly. How do you do this? Use your crystals!

Judy Hall, Author
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