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This second AZ directory by the author of The Crystal Bibles introduces a new generation of healing stones. Many are fresh to the market and have exceedingly high vibrations that raise consciousness to the next level of awareness whilst still having practical healing applications. Crystal healing is a gentle, non-invasive system that it returns the body to optimum balance. This directory assists in identifying exactly the right crystal for your needs, whether it is for healing mind, body, psyche or spirit; balancing your chakras or supporting your well-being. Listing over 1,250 conditions, the directory also includes essential information for keeping your crystals working for you.

In the last few years there has been an influx of exceptionally high vibration crystals that are harnessing the power of the highest dimensions to assist humankind evolve… Where they really come into their own is in helping to bring about a vibrational shift of consciousness for the Earth and everyone on it. Literally taking us into a new dimension – or, rather, opening all possible dimensions.

Judy Hall, Author
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