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Many new and even experienced fiction writers find characterisation difficult. Astrology offers a unique and very easy method of creating effective, intriguing, and authentic multi-layered personalities that leap off the page. Astro-characters starts with a guide to creating vibrant, believable characters. The twelve zodiac archetypes then share their intimate secrets, letting the reader into the quirks, flaws and foibles that are so fascinating to readers and essential for a writer. Simply decide whereabouts in the year a character was born, throw in a couple of curved balls, the moon and the rising sign mix them around a little and there you have it. A multi-layered, tailor-made protagonist to fit any plot with no astrological knowledge required. The book tells you everything you need to know.

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Karmic Connections

Karma shows itself in relationships. The people you meet, the expectations you have, the circumstances in which you relate, the kind of marriage or other association that you find yourself in all reflect previous liaisons.

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Past Life Astrology

People who believe in reincarnation are always hungry for knowledge about their past lives. Now, through her karmic approach to astrology, Judy Hall shows how to find out how our present and future are affected by the lives we’ve lived before.

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Patterns of the Past

In this important book Judy Hall challenges concepts that most of us take for granted, which perhaps we never thought through properly but which are actually central to our sense of placement in our own lives. What we ‘under-stand’ literally ‘stands-under’ us, providing the psychological and metaphysical foundation for what we think is real, which in turn conditions our method of dealing with our own experience, or how we move through time.

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The Astrology Bible

This comprehensive guide to traditional and modern astrology is a treasure trove that brings together everything you need to know about astrology, its meaning, correspondences, and how to practise it. If you are a beginner, it will help you to use astrology to choose the right path in life, understand yourself and others, make crucial decisions, find love or select a career. If you already have astrological skills, this book will deepen and expand your knowledge of zodiac lore.

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The Astrology of a Prophet

This book illustrates how the universal karmic and astrological themes that affect us all operate through the life of one man: David Icke. It shows how karmic (past life) astrology works, examining in detail the karmic themes in the natal chart, and the effect of transits and the progressed Moon cycle.

Limited print run, now out of print and unavailable. 10 signed copies only are available from the author.

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